Coping With Alopecia – 5 Tips for Dealing With Hair Loss Due to Alopecia

Posted by admin on 28th January 2014
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Both people experience the hair reduction condition called Alopecia. This really is basically a reduction of hair within the head and/or body. This post narrows it right down to the reduction of hair within the head.

The cause of Alopecia originates from numerous sources such as these causes as chemicals chosen in beauty stores or at house, tight braiding of the hair, as that found in pony tails and corn rows, as well as the leading cause, found in both people, is guy and woman pattern baldness.

Here are some suggestions on dealing with Alopecia.

Determine The Cause

Your initially step is for you to determine the reason of our hair reduction. Your hair reduction might be due to a quantity of factors. If it is very not obvious to you on what exactly is causing your hair reduction then, you should see a dermatologist to determine the reason.

Once you determine the source here are some suggestions for you to stop Alopecia:

1. Traction Alopecia – This really is caused with a pulling found on the hair because that watched in these hairstyles because braids, ponytails and corn rolls. The right system to stop your reduction from this condition is to change hairstyles. You never have to totally stop utilizing your tight hairstyles, really less usually.

2. Vitamin A- Your hair reduction can furthermore be caused with a bad diet. A deficiency in Vitamin A will furthermore result your hair to fall out. Like everything else, too much Vitamin A may additionally result hair reduction. A healthy adult must obtain at smallest 5000 IU (International Units) a day.

3. Birth Control Pills- Women who take hormonal birth control medications could experience hair reduction.

If you’re taking a hormonal birth control pill, ask your doctor to prescribe a non-hormonal birth control pill.

4. Medication- Some certain treatments will result your reduction. If you believe treatments are causing this reduction of hair, then speak to your doctor about changing treatments.

5. Male and Female Pattern Baldness- This really is the top kind of Alopecia in both people. I have this condition and reversed it if you take saw palmetto to stop the hair reduction and utilizing Minoxidil to re-grow my hair.


If you have Alopecia the initially thing you ought to do is to determine the source. After determining the source of the Alopecia, then taking the required corrective action to stop it is easy.

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