How to Give an Oil Hair Massage and Ideas For Hair Oil Massage Recipes You Can Use

Posted by admin on 19th April 2014

A usual oil hair massage incorporating a sturdy scalp massage with a superior selection of massage oil within the many hair oil massage dishes accessible, might assist to provide you sturdy, silky, healthy hair.  Start a routine of the weekly oil hair massage and you’ll see a excellent improvement in how your hair looks and feels.

Oil Hair massage revitalizes your hair, boosts blood circulation to the scalp and helps you to eliminate dead skin.

Hair Massage Oil Recipes

Use a base of olive, sunflower, coconut, almond or lavender oil.  Or you are able to combine them.  Try different combinations to obtain what you feel is ideal for your scalp and which appeals many to your sense of smell.

Then add a little amount of alternative oils for healing value.

• Rosemary oil is beneficial for dandruff

• Titre oil is anti-fungal

• Lemon oil is a fantastic cleanser

• Sandal brings a feeling of quality to the scalp

The ratio of base oil to therapeutic oil ought to be around 10:1

Warm the oil somewhat by placing the oil container in a bowl of warm to hot water.

Alternative Hair Oil Massage Recipes

As an alternative to the all oil blends, you are able to equally blend your base oil with honey at a ratio of 3:1 or 3:2.

Another choice is to take a ripe, peeled avocado, add a spoon of honey along with a small oil and blend into a paste.  This really is really moisturizing and cleansing.

How to Give Yourself an Oil Hair Massage

Massage your scalp with your fingertips coated in your oil blend.  If your fingers begin to feel dry, apply more oil.
Massage your scalp with fast circular motions guaranteeing you are moving your skin over your skull and not simply moving the fingertips over the surface of our skin.
Continue to massage the hair for a minimal of 10 minutes, longer is better.
When the massage is complete, wrap a warm towel around your scalp, covering all of the hair, and leave for 25 minutes.
Wash and condition.

Give yourself an oil hair massage each week and you may see your hair grow sturdy, shiny, healthy and more manageable.  It moreover lubricates and revitalizes the scalp.  Experiment with a few of the hair oil massage dishes offered here to locate which functions right for you.

Some have additionally reported that treating yourself with an oil hair massage when or twice per week equally enable create a better sense of calmness and health.